MECKIIE fragrances are an appreciation of yourself. They take you on a journey to yourself, with yourself, about yourself. Wearing and experiencing the scent the fragrance is like a time-out for yourself, a reminder of your self-esteem and an impetus for you to remember what is important, to rejoice, to be free and to embrace the fullness of life.


Karin Singer has always had a passion for fragrances and perfumes. Already at a young age, her pronounced olfactory perception compelled her to gather countless fragrances and scented candles in her room at her parent’s house. Exceptional fragrance creations and later, especially niche scents captured Karin’s interest. 


MECKIIE follows a concept of clear and short fragrance recipes, the highest organic quality ingredients and a focus on what is inside the bottle instead of investing in superficial appearances. The expressive scents convey a clear attitude: the appreciation of yourself.

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