The bold unisex fragrances lend the wearer an individual scent that is full of character and depth and is just as special and diverse as its wearer. The fragrances will leave you feeling incredible and smelling exceptional. MECKIIE Eau de Parfums are also long lasting. The certified organic, high-quality, highly concentrated natural ingredients ensure you can enjoy the great feeling and fantastic scent for a long time.  

MECKIIE was founded in Vienna in 2018 by the Austrian entrepreneur Karin Singer, who is both the creator and manufacturer of certified organic natural cosmetics products.The company makes its debut with three perfume creations. The three debut fragrances are NOPLAN, FATE and CLASH, all of which are sure to touch the senses and soul those who wear them with exceptional key components and exquisite carriers.

 “When I catch a scent of a beautiful fragrance it is a very strong moment for me. I become completely lost in my emotions. It is an intense moment that touches my senses and my soul and seduces and even compels me to surrender to it. The whole world stops as the scent enthralls me, tantalizing every fiber of my being, giving rise to thoughts and memories and leaving me with a sensation of floating on air,” explains Karin Singer and adds:“In this day and age we need someone or something that actively encourages us to take care of ourselves and to be positive. My desire is to create these moments with my fragrances for women and men to experience. The organic aspect of wearing a natural, pure, honest fragrance is another component of my vision.”

MECKIIE Eau de Parfums are for people who love the extraordinary, the unusual, who love detail, who care about their origin and transparency, who prefer individuality over uniformity, who attract the beautiful things in life, who are confident in style, who like subtle innovations and at the same time appreciate craftsmanship, who have a heart for art with a special beat, who are life-affirming and have both feet planted firmly on the ground, as well as those who dance through life and laugh in the face of destiny and fate, who look to the future and cherish the past and value traditions, who have the will to succeed, to seek peace and serenity, to liberate themselves and who love and live freedom. People who want to be the way they are. People in touch with their inner self, who are confident in who they are and stay true to themselves. People who are willing to take risks, who think and act outside the box, who are close to nature, urban, dynamic and vital with a strong character. These are modern aesthetes, stylists, cosmopolitans, individualists, avant-gardists, aficionados, connoisseurs, trendsetters.